Thursday, July 30, 2020

Reliance Life Insurance | New Job Vacancy Notice | 2077/04/15

Nepal. We are a proud people. We take pride in our history, our rich cultural heritage and our bravery in the face of adversity. Nepal is defined by its undying spirit, the simplicity of its people and the warmth within our hearts. Reliance Life Insurance Limited, is also a true Nepali brand at heart and shares the same core value.
Reliance Life started its operation from Mangshir 1, 2074. We are proud to provide risk coverage and financial stability to our valued policyholders today and in the future.
We operate in the core philosophy of customer centricity by offering a wide range of protection and saving plans to meet different life stage requirements of its customers. Our values reside in innovative and cost competitive products with commitment to quality and timely servicing, and a hassle-free claim settlement experience to its customers.
We are the first and only life insurance company having 24 x 7 Contact Center for servicing our clients and customers, and creating insurance awareness.
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