SEE Exam will be After Lockdown Opened Three Weeks Later

Nearly five Lakh students are confused after the post-secondary education exam (SEE) was postponed due to the Corona virus (Covid-19).

It's been a month since the exam was postponed. However, neither lockdown appears to be open, nor is there any immediate examination. According to the government's decision last time, the lockdown will continue till May 6.

Even then the lockdown cannot be opened or opened. This has raised interest in students and parents preparing for the exam as to what happens with the SEE exam.
Looking at the government's preparations so far, it seems to be examining soon. There is no option to test.

Chairman of the National Examination Board Prof. Prof. Dr. According to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, a task force was formed under the leadership of Chandramani Poudel. Sources said that the ministry is still conducting the SEE exam three weeks after the lockdown was opened.

When are the Classes 11 and 12 exams?
The Ministry of Education has also started homework on when to postpone grades 11 and 12. According to a ministry source, discussions are underway to do the lockdown of SEI examinations three weeks after the lockdown is open, and a lockdown of the lockdown is expected to be made soon after the lockdown of the 3.

Private school operators, however, have suggested that they can be tested on the first day of lockdown and 3 in a month. They argue that it will take time since some of the Class I funds are not complete.

A senior ministry official says, "In the case of Classes 11 and 12, not all have deteriorated right now, but the challenge is how to keep students engaged during lockdown."
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