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Nepal Army:
The Nepalese Army (Nepali: नेपाली सेना), formerly Gorkhali Army and The Royal Nepalese Army (Nepali: शाही नेपाली सेना), is the military land warfare force of Nepal that originated from Gorkha Kingdom. The army was formerly known as "Gorkhali Army" during the unification of Nepal and later as "The Royal Nepalese Army (RNA)" during the monarchy period in Nepal. It was renamed the Nepalese Army on 28 May 2008 after the abolition of the 240-year-old Shah dynasty.

The Nepalese Army participated in the various battles of Unification campaign of Nepal, Limbuwan-Gorkha War, Gurkha-Sikh War, First and Second Sino-Nepalese War, Anglo-Nepalese War, the last Nepalese-Tibetan War, World War I, World War II, and Nepalese Civil War. As UN peacekeeping forces, the Army has participated in the Somali Civil War, Sierra Leone Civil War, Eritrean–Ethiopian War and Second Sudanese Civil War.

The current headquarters of the Nepalese Army is Bhadrakali, Kathmandu. The incumbent Chief of Army Staff of the Nepalese Army is General Purna Chandra Thapa.

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